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China wants to secure its food supply with potatoes

June 2015

China is a booming business, also where potatoes are concerned, because the Chinese government has indicated that it wants to invest heavily in the cultivation of potatoes. With 50 percent subsidy on investments, the government wants to encourage growers to take the cultivation of potatoes to a higher level. This is really necessary, among other things, to supply the French-fry manufactories with a better basic product. But also, of course, to secure the food supply and not to depend too much on rice. If you want to be part of this, the World Potato Congress in the Chinese capital of Beijing is an absolute must. The Dutch companies HZPC and Aviko are already active in this country. HZPC sells 750,000 tons of seed potatoes to China with a value of over 300 million euros. Aviko thinks it can almost increase the production of French fries fourfold there.

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