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Potato delivery to hospitals thanks to fertile soil

July 2017

The company N-xt Fertilizers in the town of Emmen has already been active on Dutch soil for almost 20 years now. It started as a franchisee of an originally-American concept, but has now been working independently for 6 years already. As far as fertilisation is concerned, the company has its very own strategy which is, in fact, based on the vision of ‘better growing results and healthier food production start with a fertile soil’. A potato grower who has embraced these N-xt basic principles for the past 16 years, is Arnold van Woerkom. The icing on the cake is the recent delivery of his own W16 potatoes to various hospitals in the Netherlands. The main reason is that they contain 30 percent more minerals. Van Woerkom and Technical Director Marco van Gurp of N-xt Fertilizers explain the how and why.

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