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‘There are no boundaries for us where growth is concerned’

July 2017

After two relatively fast takeovers in quick succession namely Underhaug (planting machinery) in April 2013 and Climax (storage machinery) in January 2013, AVR, who manufactures lifters and rotary cultivators in Roeselare, Belgium, almost instantly became a full liner in the world of important machinery for the cultivation of potatoes. All of a sudden, manufacturer Grimme from the German town of Damme was no longer the only full liner in North-West Europe. With these impressive takeovers, AVR had been just a bit faster than competitor and colleague lifting machinery manufacturer Dewulf, which followed AVR’s example after all with the incorporation of Miedema in 2015. These takeovers, however, were not the end of AVR’s big investments. Last year, AVR had a large, modern assembly hall built for lifters, which produced the first machines for the production line last spring. All in all, a good reason for a conversation with Director Stefan Top to find out what his investment drive had yielded so far and if he had already started thinking of new strategic expansion plans.

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