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Product marketing, new varieties, sustainable packaging and innovative techniques were the focus of attention this year at the international Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin.

Product marketing, new varieties, sustainable packaging and innovative techniques were the focus of attention this year at the international Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin. Despite the warnings surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, more than 72,000 fresh produce professionals visited the event. In addition to developments in the field of new products, there was a lot of news about sustainability in the potato chain.


The over three thousand stands at Fruit Logistica in the Messe in Berlin were occupied by companies from 93 countries. They offer visitors from 135 countries a range of new developments every year. In addition to the absence of many Chinese companies, this fair was notable for its focus on sustainability. The organisation even had Rabobank produce a trend report on this topic. In its publication, the bank stated that changes are necessary to make the fresh food chain more sustainable and to continue to provide food to the growing world population. As an important focal point, the bank mentioned that the total chain must take more responsibility for the use of raw materials, encouraging a less negative impact on the planet and the population. It is also important to reduce waste in both the consumption and the production processes. In addition, consumption levels should be reduced and eating habits should be healthier with less impact on the environment. These are points to which the potato chain has been responding for some time, as a tour of over 15 kilometres along the many aisles of the enormous exhibition buildings demonstrated.


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Trends in the market

The potato sector started a trend towards smaller packaging many years ago, which reduces waste and
allows companies to accommodate the needs of the consumer and the supply. A wide range of
product innovations could be observed in the many stands of the European small packagers.


    F1 b SF1 a S

Hybrid product range

‘Between the unprocessed potatoes and the ready product is another new market’, say Peter Quik and Gerrit Oomen.

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Offering all year round

André Adamse of Schaap Holland combines fresh and convenience in a new steam packaging.

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 F2 S
 F3 S

Authentic look

‘This product line with accompanying shelves is an example of
what we want to introduce under our own name’, Koen van Harteveld explains.

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Continue to develop new concepts

‘We need to stay ahead and develop new concepts’, Stan de Jager says.

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 F4 S
     F5 b SF5 a S

The hospitality industry inspires the supermarket

According to Michel Meijering and Danya Smits, consumers
are increasingly looking for luxury and convenience.

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Trends in packaging


F7 S

Making sustainable packaging real

To make the sustainability of packaging real, NNZ has developed fact-based packaging, say Alies Padding (r) and Len Boot.

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Innovation Award nomination

Justyna Konsek says that the nominated
product is a certified compostable and environmentally-friendly, solvent-free packaging.

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 F8 S
 F9 S

One hundred percent paper

The new Jasa packaging consists of 100 percent paper,
Denise Bath and Piet Pannekeet explain.

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No more plastic in French supermarkets from 2021

Laurent Dhalleine from Pom Alliance has observed a trend towards residue-free table potatoes.

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 F10 S

New varieties for a sustainable chain


F11 S

Contributing to a sustainable future

‘With our “Next Generation” varieties we contribute to a
sustainable future’, says Wieger van der Werff.

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Long storage important for variety

With the disappearance of CIPC, Jörg Eggers sees
an increasing demand for varieties that can be
stored for a long time.

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 F13 S

Early growing areas see opportunities
due to the withdrawal of CIPC

Potato trading companies in early areas such as are positioning themselves as suppliers of fresh produce.

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Bayer emphasises the success of the Dutch chain cooperation

Frank Terhorst, Hidde Boersma, Ernst van den Ende and Jelte van Kammen emphasise the opportunities of technology in the potato chain.

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