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Geersing Potato Specialist: ‘PETER PAN is the strongest variety on phytophthora on the market’

October 31, 2023

Geersing Potato Specialist is potato trading business origi­nated at Emmeloord, the company develops and supplies potato seeds and varieties. ‘At the Potato Variety Days 2022 we were focussing on our successful variety CAMILLO. This year it is PETER PAN, out of our own breeding program. Annually we will introduce a new variety on the market.’

‘PETER PAN is the strongest variety on phytophthora on the market. In variety trials in Holland and Belgium, our flagship CAMMEO has an average score of more then 8, CAMILLO more then 9 and PETER PAN almost 10. Our 10 resistant varieties have an average score of more then 8 and belong to the strongest available. We are a fast growing company and already a market-leader in this type of varieties together with the biggest player’, explains Geersing Potato Specialist.

Strength against difficult growing conditions

‘With the phytophthora-resistance there is build-in strength against difficult growing conditions. With PETER PAN we finally have a variety of our own, that can enter markets asking for yellow flesh, like Germany. The firm cooking type and excellent taste makes it an ideal table potato in the size 40/60.’

Total portfolio of varieties

‘The main reason companies show interest in us is that we can offer a total portfolio of varieties. We developed it within the 5 years we exist. Of course there is a much longer history, but has showed we have the network to build it. We build our varieties on knowledge and relationship and have a strong focus.’

Description of opening photo: The team of Geersing Potato Specialist offers a total portfolio of varieties. (Photo:

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