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HZPC: ‘We are focusing on efficiency and reliability of our varieties’

November 01, 2023

HZPC is thrilled to announce the Potato Variety Days 2023. ‘Get ready for an edition like never before! Because this year we will celebrate the remarkable milestone of our 125th anniversary. Visitors can discover our promising star varieties, meet each other and take a 125-year journey into the past. Also you can explore innovations at our high-tech breeding station in Metslawier. Last but not least, taste many surprising potato bites with a high-tech twist’, HZPC reveals.

‘We have several varieties in the spotlight at our breeding station in Metslawier. Breaking away from our traditional home in Joure, we’re making PD23 extra special by moving the event for one time only to our Research location in Metslawier. With the opening of our new state-of-the-art building, this location promises to be the perfect stage for a special celebration and a golden chance for potato enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the heart of groundbreaking innovation.’

Focusing on efficiency and reliability

‘We are giving extra attention to our promising star potato varieties, Camelia and Quintera. Of course, we will also showcase many other star varieties such as Rashida, Libra, and Cardyma. Since many years we are focusing on efficiency and reliability of our varieties. We are making steps forward with nitrogen use efficiency and water use efficiency under the motto: More with less. Together with our customers we looked at what requirements are truly important for sustainable varieties.’

Actually taste new varieties

‘One thing that always will remain is our variety expo, because what is Potato Days without exploring and discussing the latest state-of-the-art varieties? You will not only be able to see and discuss potatoes, but you actually get to taste some of them. Ready for some potatolicious bites?’

Potato Variety Days 2023 e-book

In November, companies participating in the Potato Variety Days put the spotlight on their potato varieties of the future. Learn all the ins and outs of this year’s event in our special e-book, including need-to-know information and an up-to-date list of participating companies to help you plan your visit. Download your own e-book with the full programme here.


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