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Meijer Potato: data-driven breeding work is becoming increasingly important

November 01, 2023

‘In our portfolio the potato variety Sound is really getting around. This climate-adaptive table variety with a high marke­table yield is doing well worldwide. For next season interest in growing the robust and stress-resistant variety is continuing to increase. In addition, Lady Jane is proving itself to be a truly multifunctional variety in more and more markets. The stress-resistant variety with a high marketable yield scores highly with French fry producers but is also very suitable as a table or crisp variety. Both varieties are late blight resistant which makes the varieties suitable for organic cultivation’, shares Meijer Potato as important news.

Robust varieties

‘Breeding robust potato varieties is essential to provide a growing world population with healthy food in the face of climate change. Last year we introduced our own robustness index, a tool that includes seven items of different variety characteristics, to objectively compare the robustness of varieties. The Meijer Potato Robustness Index helps our customers and us to decide together what variety fits perfectly in their business and markets. The potato variety characteristics of the robustness index are based on data that has been collected for years in our breeding program’ .

Data driven

‘Beyond future market changes, climate, potato diseases and consumer needs, informatics and data are important factors in breeding new potato varieties. In fact, data-­driven work is becoming increasingly important. Since recently, our own data platform is up and running, which also offers us new and improved possibilities in developing the best potatoes of the future’, Meijer Potato explains.

Plenty of inspiration and fun

As always, we present this year all our potato varieties with special attention for the varieties Sound and Lady Jane. During our Relation Days, visitors can count on a warm welcome and plenty of inspiration and fun. There is opportunity for personal talks and updates on the latest developments within our company and on the market. We look forward to meeting you again!’, invites Meijer Potato potatoprofessionals to their Relations Days.

Potato Variety Days 2023 e-book

In November, companies participating in the Potato Variety Days put the spotlight on their potato varieties of the future. Learn all the ins and outs of this year’s event in our special e-book, including need-to-know information and an up-to-date list of participating companies to help you plan your visit. Download your own e-book with the full programme here.


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