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New Potato Roadmap Uganda shows challenges and opportunities

December 10, 2021

Recently the Potato Roadmap Uganda 2021 was published, showing the situation of the potato sector in Uganda.

The roadmap was developed by Delphy, the Dutch company in knowledge and expertise for the plant sectors worldwide, at the request of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), and aims to provide a holistic overview of the current challenges and opportunities in the potato sector in Uganda.

Overview of opportunities

The document focuses on assessing the Ugandan potato value chain for potential market linkages, value addition, and the introduction of improved agricultural practices and postharvest handling. Therefore the roadmap not only shows the current situation of the potato sector in Uganda, but also maps the value chain actors, activities, and geographical spread. Besides, the roadmap gives an overview of possible interventions, trade linkages, and (business) opportunities for stakeholders in the (Ugandan) potato value chain.

Recommendations for a follow-up

Next to information about the logistics, standards, certification system (laws and regulations), identified investment opportunities and possible business partners within Uganda’s potato sector, Delphy’s roadmap also offers clear business opportunities and recommendations for a follow-up with RVO tools. Companies active in the potato sector or interested in further developing their presence in Uganda can contact the Private Sector Development coach for Uganda at RVO here.


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