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November 15, 2023 | News

The British Potato Show returns to Harrogate in November

With the harvest season typically concluded and preparations for the new year in motion, British Potato 2023 will return on 22nd and 23rd November at the Yorkshire event centre in Harrogate. A date favoured by participants.

This year sees a record amount of trade stands, as the industry prepares to come together again. Emerging out…

October 24, 2023 | News

War in Israel also has major impact on potato sector

On last Saturday October 7, Israel was attacked from the Gaza Strip by members of the terrorist organisation Hamas, also affecting many kibbutzim. In the process, hundreds of people were injured, killed and taken hostage. The consequences are a war with great impact for residents in the region, the world and also for the potato…

October 17, 2023 | News

Restrain appoints Dr. Benedikt Cramer as new Managing Director

Restrain, provider of ethylene-based sprout control solutions in potatoes, has announced the appointment of Dr. Benedikt Cramer as its new Managing Director, while current MD Dirk Garos will take up the new role of Strategic Director. By strengthening its leadership team, Restrain is aiming to maximize its technology’s potential to contribute to a reliable, flexible…

October 03, 2023 | Articles

‘Big, simple and efficient’, that’s how STET distinguishes itself in the market after 50 years

‘Big, simple and efficient’, in short, that’s how STET distinguishes itself after 50 years in the international seed potato market according to current Managing Director Peter Ton. He’s been involved with the company for 35 years now. Ton learned the trade from founder Joop Stet, who always said, ‘We’re not a sales organisation, we’re a…

October 03, 2023 | Articles

Planning is essential in the booming baby table potato market

In a free market, it is important to keep the supply smaller than the demand in order to be able to ensure a good price for a product. This certainly applies to the booming baby table potato market. By offering the Paris baby potato variety exclusively in its growing areas, providing growers with the right…

October 03, 2023 | Articles

Predictability of breeding further improved

Homozygous parents in potato breeding give a predictable result in the offspring. To get parents with the same alleles on the chromosome pairs, various techniques are available. The Leiden-based company Fytagoras recently discovered how they can make diploid parent lines homozygous in one generation. This technique, called doubled haploid technology, can mean a major step…

October 03, 2023 | Articles

Agrico, Nedato and Leo de Kock join forces in a new table potato cooperative

With the joining of forces by Agrico, Nedato and Leo de Kock, a new independent cooperative in the field of table potatoes came into being. With 200 specialised growers who, together grow 3,200 hectares of table potatoes and realise an annual turnover of 160,000 tons, the new cooperative, named PotatoNext will focus entirely on the…

October 03, 2023 | Articles

Scientific basis behind sexy table potato brand Mamzell’s

At the Canadian small packager Quebec Parmentier launching a new product concept starts with market research and a scientific search for new varieties that taste good and look impeccable. The basis is perfect­ly-grown seed potatoes that form a reliable start for the cultivation of ware potatoes. The result is the Mamzell’s brand with a better…

October 03, 2023 | Articles

A merger with major consequences

At a time when the table potato market has been shrinking for years, potato growers and packagers are exploring innovative strategies to achieve better prices and sales.

September 14, 2023 | News

Origin of novel broad resistance to late blight found in wild potato relatives

To understand the mechanisms of late blight resistance of potatoes better, researchers of Wageningen University & Research together with their colleagues in Tübingen and Norwich have taken an important step. Their research has been published in the renowned scientific journal Science.

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