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18 promising French fries varieties for the entire world

April 2024

It is quite logical that, when asked ‘What is the most promising French fries variety for the future?’, all Dutch breeders came up with the most fantastic varieties, at least that is what we saw at the annual variety presentation. The most important characteristics for the French fries varieties are: kilograms per hectare, big tubers and a healthy crop. So you don’t expect to see that the French fries varieties of the future are so very different from each other. But this is, of course, necessary because the various markets are also so very different. Today, potato varieties are transported all over the world. The fact that it is nevertheless difficult to find a processor for a new variety is not so strange. Replacing an existing variety involves specific changes and costs. For instance, the factory has a completely aligned chips production procedure for each variety, which means that a variety must score so much better in every respect than its predecessor if it is to replace it. It is also important that such a newcomer must continue to perform well for many years to come.

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