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Edition: 02-2023

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PotatoWorld 2 – 2023

King Chip

Chips are king when it comes to the amount of potatoes that processors in Western Europe need every year. For years, it was the processors who were also the emperor in the world of potatoes. They were even largely able to set the potato prices themselves.

‘Our growth opportunities lie in countries with a great deal of non-certified seed potatoes’

In February this year, HZPC received the ‘Royal’ designation. A fantastic milestone for the 125-year-old company, but ultimately it’s the future vision that determines whether a company remains successful. Gerard Backx, CEO of the Royal HZPC Group, looks ahead and sees opportunities for varieties with a wide range of resistances in countries where the population…

Where is the limit?

The bear, the French-fry market, has woken from hibernation after the corona pandemic. The processing figures are back to their previous levels or are even higher now. Every day, around 1500 hoppers loaded with potatoes are transported to the factories in Northwest Europe.

Breeders Trust wants to get a better grip on Farm Saved Seed with the PBR Database

Breeders Trust announces the launch of a comprehensive international pilot project, called PBR Database, to get a better grip on the use of Farmed Saved Seed (FSS). According to the organisation, this involves more grip both with regard to the collection of royalties (fair compensation) and the prevention of the illegal use of FSS.

Potato Cheezz: cheese made from fresh potatoes

From now on, the potato is also entering the world of frozen pizza, cheese croquettes and cordon bleus. Indeed, Aviko Rixona – producer of dried potato flakes and dried potato granules – has succeeded in turning fresh potatoes into a vegetable version of cheese. With the launch of Potato Cheezz, the company is responding to…

A lot of up-to-date information at American Potato Expo trade fair

At the beginning of January, the U.S. potato sector meets annually at the Potato Expo trade fair. The venue of the event changes for every edition, this year it was Denver in the potato state of Colorado. In addition to getting-together and active trading, various organisations and companies provide a lot of information about current…

PotatoEurope: the event by and for the potato chain

On September 6 and 7, 2023, the entire potato chain will come together at the inspiring PotatoEurope trade fair. This year the event will take place in Kain, a Belgian town near Tournai. This vibrant happening marks the start of the new growing season and is crucial for potato professionals striving to innovate, share knowledge…

McCain now also launches a regenerative agriculture programme in the Netherlands

At the end of January, McCain launched a new programme for regenerative agriculture. In doing so, the processor aims to support Dutch potato growers in their transition to more sustainable agricultural practices. ‘The growers will receive a premium of 5 euros per ton for this. It is also a useful challenge for agronomy that can…

Man makes way for machine in quality grading

It’s not easy to find capable people for every job, and this also applies to the potato sector as Kees Bijl of Bijl Aardappelen BV from the Dutch village of Sint-Annaland is experiencing. Things started to get especially tight around inspection work in the grading lines, which is why the entrepreneur decided to look to…

Dutch potato farmer takes maximum advantage of fresh water project

Together with ten agricultural entrepreneurs, six years ago the In ’t Anker family in the Dutch province Zeeland town of Schore, started a research project to use wastewater from the nearby preserves factory Coroos at Kapelle as irrigation water. The particularly dry and hot growing season of 2022 was literally and figuratively the baptism by fire for…

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