Telling stories

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By telling an interesting story, you can cleverly convey your message to people by tapping into their emotions.


‘Lack of collective spirit makes grower’s life difficult’


As the first member of the Dutch Producers Organisation for Ware Potatoes (POC),



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Corona has demonstrated once again how quickly society can adapt and companies see opportunities to take advantage of the situation that has arisen.


Kiremko and Insort announce long-term global strategic partnership


Kiremko, manufacturer of turn key potato processing lines and Insort GmbH,


HZPC introduces online potato calculator for tailor-made sustainable varieties

What’s striking is that new varieties often offer added value when it comes to sustainability’, says Hans Langedijk.

’With the introduction of our online potato calculator, we want to raise awareness about the various sustainability topics in potato varieties.


Potato Expo 2022 presents the potato industry with new ideas and connections

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‘We offer all visitors countless opportunities to link up with business partners and potential clients’, NPC-CEO Kam Quarles announces.

On January 5 and 6, the potato industry will come together in Anaheim, California,


Restrain obtains clearance in Canada and the United States

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The Restrain anti-germination system, in which ethylene gas keeps potatoes inactive during storage,


The potato put in the spotlight during the first Dutch National Potato Harvesting Day

The aim of the National Potato Harvesting Day is to bring the people to the potato field and have them harvest the potatoes with their bare hands in the clay.

Families walk expectantly along the field path of the Boerkok experience farm in Lelystad towards the potato field where the first Dutch National Potato Harvesting Day will be held.


HIP searches for markers and models for an increased potato yield


When it comes to potato cultivation, yield is of great importance. Therefore, any research focusing on increasing yields in potatoes creates high expectations.


Micro tubers of E Green Global win PotatoEurope Golden Innovation Award


On Wednesday 1 September, during an awards ceremony at the location of Wageningen University & Research,


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