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Edition: 01-2023

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PotatoWorld 1 – 2023

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Innovation, or the process by which ideas lead to a creative approach to a given challenge, is the basis of the success of the Western European potato chain.

‘Europatat aims to take on a leading role with new strategy’

On January 12, 1952, the “European Union for the Wholesale Trade in Potatoes” was established in Paris. Over seventy years later the secretariat of the European Potato Trade Association, now shortly called Europatat, has recently moved into a new office near the heart of European politics in Brussels. ‘One of the main changes for European…

Water: the number 1 necessity of life!

We see at the moment that society is paying a lot of attention to the costs of gas and electricity, migrant movements, the war between Russia and Ukraine, nitrogen, CO2, and there are a few more items I could name. However, I miss WATER in this list. I think that people are hardly aware that…

Agrico Research is expanding its area of trial fields

Agrico Research has recently purchased additional land for the expansion of its activities. Thanks to acquiring an additional 31 hectares of land, Agrico’s own breeding and research station in Bant has more trial field space at its disposal for research purposes and for developing new potato varieties.

HZPC wants to waste no time

During the 2022 HZPC Potato Days, the trading house organised a webinar on the challenges in the field of food security and sustainability, now and in the future. And how the potato sector can make an important contribution to this, because according to the company, there is no time to lose.

Aviko invests to meet growth ambitions

In the Belgian town of Poperinge, in the middle of the Western European ‘potato belt’, Aviko has invested 200 million euros in a state-of-the-art French-fry factory. To meet the growing global demand for potato products as well as the company’s growth ambitions, the company plans to produce 175,000 tons of frozen chips and 12,000 tons…

High demand for low-input varieties

To inform visitors about the field of participants at the international Potato Variety Days 2022 in Emmeloord and its surrounding area, PotatoWorld magazine prepared a useful e-book in advance. The editors asked all those who downloaded the free digital book what topics they find most important when it comes to breeding the potato varieties of…

Manter responds to global demand for automation

As a response to the global demand for automation in the weighing and packaging of potatoes, Manter International introduced the Manter Smart Line (MSL) during the recently held client-relations days. ‘We develop all our new software, both electronic and mechanical control, in-house’, says Michiel Eilander, commercial director at the company.

GEO4A maps seed potato harvest in time

The earlier the yield, and the earlier the quality of the seed potato yields of all growers are known, the more efficient the sales and the marketing will be. This will all eventually benefit the pay-out. At least, that is the aim of seed potato trading merchant Den Hartigh from Emmeloord. Since the start of…

2021 record production unlikely to be beaten in 2022

The world produced a record 376.1 million tonnes of potatoes in 2021, new figures from the UN FAO suggest. However, a smaller area and weather issues in key potato-growing countries may have seen that figure fall by nearly six per cent to 354.3 million tonnes in 2022, World Potato Markets calculations estimate. Please note that…

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