There’s always room for improvement

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An important production factor that continues to pose challenges to potato growers is the soil.


‘I have a great deal of confidence in the inventiveness of the potato sector’

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On 1 and 2 September 2021, the Dutch edition of PotatoEurope will take place for the first time at the location of Wageningen Plant Research in Lelystad.


The opportunities of corona for the potato industry

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Restaurants and kitchens closed, events cancelled en masse. The impact of this on global potato consumption is clear.


Manter introduces AutoMesh+ packaging machine

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The Manter AutoMesh+ is a durable, fast and safe fully-automatic packaging machine for net bags from a roll.

Companies in the fruit and vegetable sector are constantly looking for solutions that increase their packaging speed and meet the need for different packaging weights.


PotatoEurope 2021 Innovation Award professional jury members announced

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The jury represents several links in the potato industry.

Organiser DLG Benelux has announced the members of the professional jury of the PotatoEurope 2021 innovation award.


New Baselier rotary cultivator

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New Baselier cultivator provides voluminous ridges.

Recently, the Dutch APH Group introduced a new Baselier rotary cultivator.


Kiremko starts new French-fry line remotely in Morocco

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For the very first time, Kiremko has launched a French fry line using AR technology.

A Kiremko French-fry line, which was installed last summer at the Moroccan Fun Fries potato processor, was started up remotely using Augmented Reality (AR).


With additional options for the Keiler 2 Classic, ROPA aims for further growth

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With the XL bunkers on the ROPA Keiler 2 Classic, growers can already separate potatoes in two sizes in the field.

With the official introduction of the Keiler 2 Classic potato harvester, ROPA aims for further growth in the potato market.


Loading of seed potatoes in Beverwijk port under pressure this season

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In the winter period, the seaport of Beverwijk has been the focus of Dutch seed potato export for many decades.


All sustainable solutions under one roof in “the storehouse of the future”

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Builders are busy constructing ‘the storehouse of the future’ at arable farmer Tonnie van Peperstraten’s farm in Oude Tonge.


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