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To achieve success, it’s important to have a passion for the goal you want to reach.


‘Due to the rapidly growing sales market, we need more potatoes’

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‘If Farm to Fork has so many consequences that it sharply increases our European cost price, our competition with North America will change’, explains Dick Zelhorst.

‘Due to the rapidly growing sales market, we need more potatoes.


Innovate or shut down

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The introduction of something new. That’s how briefly the Van Dale dictionary describes the word innovation.


APH Group celebrates 25th anniversary

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APH Group was founded 25 years ago by current CEO Wytse Oosterbaan.

On February 1st, 2022, it was exactly 25 years ago that APH Group was founded.


Branston invests in own protein plant facility

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Potato supplier Branston has invested 7.2 million euros (6 million pounds) in a facility for the extraction of food-grade functional protein from potatoes.

At the headquarters of potato supplier Branston in Lincolnshire, England, construction works are currently in progress, aiming to complete a new facility before the end of this summer.


World Potato Congress 2022 set tot take place in Ireland


After editions in China and Peru, the 11-th edition of the World Potato Congress (WPC) will take place in Europe again this year.


Variety Days 2021: What do breeders focus on in present-day potato breeding?


To be able to inform our visitors in advance about the number of participants at the recently held live (!)


Peter VanderZaag: ‘Farmer and scientist is a great combination’


In Ontario, Canada, when they talk about the potato capital, they’re not talking about Emmeloord, but about Alliston.


At the Farm of the Future, soil structure and soil health are top priorities

Farm Future

At the Dutch Farm of the Future, developed on the Field Crops site of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in Lelystad, the potato plays a leading role.


War in Ukraine disrupts potato market

Ukraine is unlikely to be able to produce as many potatoes as it would like this year.

The potato market has not escaped the turmoil caused by the war in Ukraine.


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