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Edition: 01-2024

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PotatoWorld 1 – 2024

Finding a delicate balance

Due to the exceptional growing season in 2023, some of the potatoes in Europe were not harvested and were left in the ground.

Agricultural technologies and partnerships essential for a sustainable potato sector

From 5 to 7 June 2023, the annual congress of the European potato trade association, Europatat took place in the Polish city of Gdan´sk. During this congress, the organisation placed the spotlight on the changing geopolitical landscape and the future of the potato trade. ‘If we don’t communicate and cooperate well with each other as…

Sensitive to resistance

The terms breeding and specifically resistances are increasingly used in European policy documents as an important part of the route to sustainable potato cultivation with minimal emissions and use of crop protection products. Breeding must provide varieties that meet new emission and climate requirements and are also resistant to all kinds of pests and diseases.

European Potato Trade in 2030: a sector in transition

Europatat is glad to announce its annual Congress that will take place in Brussels on 23 & 24 May 2024. The event will count with the presence of author, futurologist, business philosopher and keynote speaker Rik Vera who will give an inspirational keynote speech during Friday’s public session.

WUR launches major nematodes research project

Climate change and genetic selection have brought root-knot nematodes further north in Europe and made cyst nematodes more difficult to control. To get a clear picture of the proliferation of novel nematode species and populations and to find appropriate and sustainable solutions to these problems, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is launching a major research…

World Potato Congress 2024: Old World Meets New

The 12th World Potato Congress, held from 23-26 June 2024 in the Australian city Adelaide, marks a pivotal moment for the global potato industry. ’Beyond the opportunity to showcase the excellence of the Australian potato sector on the world stage, this Congress aims to catapult potatoes into the spotlight as a compelling, nutritional and health-conscious food…

International Potato Variety Days 2023

Stricter customer demands require accelerated adjustments in breeding

Customers in the international potato sector are increasingly tightening their requirements. Current terms such as regenerative agriculture and bio­diversity are now being used, partly under the influence of a critically watchful society. One of the consequences of this is that crop protection chemicals and fertilisers will be…

Sustainable Potato Platform (SPP): resistant varieties cannot do without spraying

‘Resistant varieties cannot do without spraying to stop infection. This is the conclusion from the world of science, and that insight needs to be put into practice as soon as possible.’ It’s for this reason that the Sustainable Potato Platform (SPP) was recently founded by Nufarm and Geersing Potato Specialist. On their own trial field, which…

World potato production reaches new highs

World potato production hit a new high in 2022, but that record may have been broken in 2023 despite another small European crop.

Integrated approach necessary to control powdery scab

Powdery scab is a nasty seed-borne, soil-borne and even, through contaminated dust, air-borne potato disease. The culprit is Spongospora subterranea f. sp. subterranea (abbreviated as SSS), an obligate, parasitic plasmodiophorid with a wide host range. This parasite affects root systems, but also tubers. Moreover, it is the vector of the potato mop-top virus. From the…

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