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Volatile potato market requires deliberate choices

January 2024

Volatile potato market requires deliberate choices ‘In an increasingly volatile potato market – one with constantly-changing prices – it’s important for the entrepreneur to make properly-informed management choices to cover any possible risks’, says Professor Ruud Huirne, Food & Agri director of Rabobank Nederland in a personal interview with Potato World Magazine. He bases this statement on the study ‘What about Potatoes?’ in which Rabobank Nederland informs its clients in the chain about the current situation in the sector and what the present-day trends are. ‘In this way, players in the potato chain can swiftly respond to future developments such as how to deal with higher and ever-volatile potato prices in North-Western Europe. The study has nothing to do with the creditworthiness of the potato sector, because no sector is as safe or as stable as the crop farming sector. There has been excellent investment in the last two years.’

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