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Innovation necessary for worldwide trend towards packaged potatoes

December 2015

The family-owned business NNZ (North Netherland Bag Company) has been supplying packaging for potatoes and a variety of other products since 1922. In the early years, packaging was mostly made of jute. Today, the company supplies a wide range of small and big packaging materials (cardboard, polyethylene, polypropene and also jute) throughout the world. In the hundred years or so years that the company has been active, the annual turnover of over 300,000 Dutch guilders in 1928 has increased to over 130 million euros in 2014. Besides its head office in Groningen, the company has eighteen branches all over the world. At their branch in the American city of Atlanta, the third generation of the family currently wields the sceptre in the person of Marco Boot (58). ‘What we see is a worldwide trend with consumers increasingly wanting to buy packaged potatoes. In order to satisfy this growing demand, together with our partners in the chain, we’re constantly investing in product development’, Boot explains.

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