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Tolsma Grisnich introduces automatic washer

December 2015

Two years ago, Tolsma Grisnich decided to resume the further development of its own washing and cleaning machines for potatoes. This machine was launched at the end of 2014. ‘There are opportunities in this market, provided you do better than the competition’, Sales Manager Gerard Bos says in no uncertain terms. ‘Proper removal of clods and stones with a comparable specific gravity to potatoes and the absence of contamination with haulm or other non-product elements, are important improvements according to our customers. Haulm that gets stuck around a knife in the chips factory can cause considerable loss of income. And a knife that gets damaged by a stone or a golf ball will drive up the direct product costs and cause an enormous loss of capacity due to stagnation in the factory. For this reason, we developed an automatically-driven combination washer that deals specifically with these problems. They can also remove stones, clods and floating elements from the production flow.’ Four of these machines had already been sold to customers at home and abroad at the start of this year.

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