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Breeders Trust aims for more control over Farm Saved Seed use with PBR Database

January 20, 2023

Breeders Trust announces the launch of a international pilot project, called PBR Database, to get a better grip on the use of Farm Saved Seed (FSS). According to the organization, this involves both getting a better grip in terms of collecting royalties (fair compensation) as well as countering illegal use of FSS.

‘Each potato breeder has the right to protect his/her variety by Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) in order to manage and control its seed multiplication and to ensure collection of Farm Saved Seed royalties’, Breeders Trust explains. ‘In that regard, the affiliated breeders require anyone who trades in his/her protected variety to report upon request, how much and to whom, which variety is being marketed. By uploading the required data into a secured PBR database, the authorized Royalty Collection Organisations (RCOs) get a complete picture of the potential Farm Saved Seeds users’, the organisation continues.

Efficient enforcement

Breeders Trust indicates that from the season 2022-2023, it has been agreed that all affiliated breeders participate each with one variety in this first years’ pilot project called ‘Central PBR database 2022-2023’. Therefore, Breeders Trust has developed an automated, algorithm-driven database which allows traceability from source to end-user, so from breeder to farmer. According to the organisation this should lead to efficient enforcement and collection of royalties where the use of FSS is concerned.

Six participating countries

Key objective of the pilot is to check whether the system works in practice and is understood by chain partners, as well as testing the algorithm. The six countries participating in the pilot are the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and Luxembourg. As shareholders supporting the PBR Database project, Breeding Trust names Agrico, Danespo, Europlant, Germicopa, HZPC, Interseed, Meijer Potato, Norika, Schaap Holland, Solana and Stet Holland. ‘These companies are active in developing, producing and trading new potato varieties and hold various PBRs’, the organisation states. Breeders Trust’s overall objective is to address infringement of Plant Breeders’ Rights and illegal production and trade, but also to educate about the importance of using certified propagation material.


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