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LC Packaging aims to contribute to a world without waste

June 16, 2022

With its newly launched 2030 Ambition, global packaging manufacturer and distributor LC Packaging commits to embracing the elimination of waste into its core business.

LC Packaging is a family-owned, international manufacturer and producer of flexible packaging solutions with headquarters in the Netherlands. The company’s Director Agricultural Packaging, Boudewijn van Fraassen, recently told PotatoWorld magazine that ‘half of LC Packaging’s turnover is realized in the agricultural sector, with the potato sector being an important player with about 10 percent of the total.’

Push limits

The company now states that it has made it its mission to become a leader in sustainable packaging and to contribute to a world without waste; by protecting valuable goods from going to waste during transportation and storage and by eliminating packaging waste. The industry leader in sustainability, rewarded with an EcoVadis Platinum CSR rating for the second consecutive year in a row, now announces to ‘push its limits by committing to fighting working poverty in its supply chain, acting on climate change, and delivering the circular economy’.

Bring sustainability into core business operations

‘To truly make an impact and make the world a better place for future generations to enjoy, we decided to bring sustainability into our core business and move from compliance to purpose. We believe in a future where sustainability is just as important and self-evident as quality and price’, says CEO Lucas Lammers. ‘Packaging should not contribute to poverty, waste, pollution, climate change or biodiversity loss. It should be a solution to bring valuable goods unharmed to the marketplace and therewith bring value to society; socially, environmentally, and economically’, adds Sustainability and Communication Manager Lotte Mastwijk.

Three goals: Living wage, Circularity, Climate action

Concretely, the international manufacturer and producer has now set itself three ambitious goals for 2030. Firstly, the company focuses on a living wage, aiming to fight working poverty worldwide. ‘We strive for all employees employed by our key production partners to earn at least a living wage, instead of a legal minimum wage, by 2030, as a legal minimum wage does not always support a decent standard of living’, they state. Secondly, the company aims for circularity. ‘By focusing on the sustainable use of materials and packaging design, we are determined to contribute to a circular economy. Therefore, we have connected our turnover and growth ambitions to the circularity of our packaging portfolio and services, and aim to have at least 80 percent of our turnover to come from packaging that delivers the circular economy by 2030.’ The third goal is climate action: ‘We have committed to reducing the emissions in our entire value chain by 50 percent no later than by 2030. Included in its scope are all of LC Packaging International’s operations, including its production facilities. The company strives for an absolute reduction in scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions (direct and indirect).’ More on these goals can be found here.

Director Agricultural Packaging, Boudewijn van Fraassen


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