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PotatoEurope: a prelude to the cross-media approach of the future

September 04, 2023

The NAO-Netherlands-pavilion, organized by the Dutch Potato Organization (NAO) and the Dutch government, is one of the highlights of PotatoEurope 2023, to be held on September 6-7 in Belgium. For Aardappelwereld BV, this initiative is an opportunity to showcase the cross-media approach of the future.

‘Professionals from the Dutch potato sector come together and present their products and expertise at the Dutch pavilion. Participating in the pavilion therefore is a great opportunity to deploy innovative approaches to stay ahead of competitors. As a participant of the NAO-Netherlands-pavilion at PotatoEurope, we are already making an important step in this respect’, Jaap Delleman, editor-in-chief of PotatoWorld magazine, explains.

NAO-Netherlands-pavilion e-book

‘Many stakeholders in the potato sector know how to find us to present their novelties and existing products and services to the right target group. This is an important reason for our presence at the NAO-Netherlands-pavilion, where we look forward to meeting potato professionals in person’, Delleman states. ‘Participating in the pavilion is a prelude to engaging in a cross-media approach, the power of cross-media connections lies in the synergy between different media channels. Together we can lift the potato industry to new heights’, the editor-in-chief adds. The various media channels of Aardappelwereld and PotatoWorld, focused on high-quality news and knowledge transfer, make the comprehensive media platform very attractive for advertisers. As an important part of this cross-media approach, PotatoWorld has been publishing e-books in the PotatoWorld Expert Series since 2020. These e-books are made in cooperation with companies from the potato chain. A well-received example is the e-book for the annual Potato Variety Days, that was published for the second time in 2022. Following the positive responses and the corresponding number of downloads for this e-book, PotatoWorld now proudly presents an e-book created in the context of the NAO-Netherlands-pavilion at PotatoEurope 2023. Find the e-book here.


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