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European potato chain gets together at PotatoEurope 2023

September 01, 2023

On September 6 and 7, 2023, the entire potato chain will get together at the inspiring PotatoEurope trade fair. This year the event will take place in Kain, a Belgian town near Tournai. This vibrant happening marks the start of the new growing season and is crucial for potato professionals striving to innovate, share knowledge and build valuable business relationships.

With 194 booths and the prominent presence of major brands demonstrating modern harvesters, PotatoEurope promises to be an unforgettable experience for the entire international potato chain.

Comparing growth results

This year, the cultivation of the potatoes on the total 33.3 hectares of rolling terrain, takes place on no less than 25 hectares of fertile loamy soil. The potatoes were planted on May 4 and 5, slightly later than usual due to a wet and cold spring, according to Benjamin Couvreux of the Walloon potato research center CARAH, a renowned organization from Wallonia that has been researching and advising growers throughout the growing season for 30 years. During the growing season, CARAH has closely monitored precipitation and during the event it will be interesting to compare the growth results of the non-irrigated fields with a demo field with drip irrigation from Belgian chip processor Clarebout. In the fields, the organization is growing two prominent varieties, Challenger and Fontane, both known for their good quality as a basis for French fry production. These potatoes will be supplied to the Belgian French fries factories of Lutosa and Mydibel. Interesting here is that Mydibel was recently acquired by Clarebout, another leading player in the French fries processing industry.

More highlights

Other highlights of PotatoEurope 2023 are the interesting demo fields of as many as 11 companies, built by CARAH, and the opportunity to see modern harvesters in action during demonstrations that will take place at set times, with expert commentary provided to best inform visitors. In addition to potato harvesting and the impressive demo fields, PotatoEurope also features demonstrations of mechanical weed control. Led by the interprovincial Potato Cultivation Trial Center (PCA), leading brands will showcase their latest developments that help growers rely less on crop protection products and a demonstration of alternative haulm eradication will take place under the leadership of potato organization FIWAP.


Not to be missed at PotatoEurope 2023 is the NAO-Netherlands-pavilion, organized by the Dutch Potato Organization (NAO) and the Dutch government. The pavilion offers a chain-wide reflection of the Dutch potato sector. Together, the companies Schaap Holland, Royal ZAP & Semagri BV, Q-Potato Holland, Naus Agriboxes, Horizon Flevoland, Perfect Plants, Plantera, De Nijs Potatoes, Eqraft, VHM, Nedato, E-Green Europe, Solynta and PotatoWorld magazine will present themselves and offer visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the Dutch potato business community. The pavilion is an ideal meeting place to network, meet business partners and establish new partnerships. At the end of the exhibition day, the NAO and the Dutch government invite potato professionals to meet informally during a networking reception. To prepare your visit to the event and the Dutch pavilion, make sure you download our NAO-Netherlands-pavilion e-book and start your PotatoEurope journey right away!


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