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October 17, 2023 | News

Restrain appoints Dr. Benedikt Cramer as new Managing Director

Restrain, provider of ethylene-based sprout control solutions in potatoes, has announced the appointment of Dr. Benedikt Cramer as its new Managing Director, while current MD Dirk Garos will take up the new role of Strategic Director. By strengthening its leadership team, Restrain is aiming to maximize its technology’s potential to contribute to a reliable, flexible…

December 21, 2022 | Articles

Restrain expands in North America

Since 2022, Restrain is available in the United States and Canada as a natural sprout inhibitor for potatoes, and was even granted an organic label in Canada, the company reports. In order to further inform and develop this market locally, Restrain recently employed Emily Merk as sales manager North America.

November 24, 2021 | Articles

Restrain obtains clearance in Canada and the United States

The Restrain anti-germination system, in which ethylene gas keeps potatoes inactive during storage, has received federal-level clearance in Canada and America, the company reports.

October 16, 2019 | Articles

Ethylene tested as sprout inhibitor in storage potatoes

Due to the imminent disappearance of the Chlorine-IPC (CIPC) sprout inhibitor from the market, the sector is looking for alternatives. In addition to being effective, a new sprout inhibitor in storage potatoes must also be affordable and profitable. Is ethylene treatment a solution for the long-term storage of potatoes for the processing industry?

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