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Ware potatoes

June 03, 2020 | Articles

“By working together more, we can take important steps forward”

In the spring of 2017, Potato Cooperative Nedato in the village of Oud-Beijerland announced a change of strategy. An important spearhead in this was the setting up of a strategic form of cooperation. Now, almost 2 years later, Carel van Buchem is in charge here as General Manager. We ask him how far the planning is now.…

October 16, 2019 | Articles

There is still plenty of room for new French-fry varieties

At the beginning of November, the European potato breeding companies and seed potato trading companies operating in the Netherlands presented their latest promising numbers and varieties again for their mostly global customer base. The largest percentage of these is destined for the French-fry market and all participants at the variety presentation days expect to have…

October 16, 2019 | Articles

Jan-Willem Grievink, FoodService Institute: Whoever wins the battle for the stomach, will prosper in the food sector

During the annual meeting of the Dutch Potato Organisation (NAO), the guest speaker was enthusiastically inspiring with a motivational presentation. Under the title ‘The new battle for the stomach’ director Jan-Willem Grievink of the FoodService Institute (FSIN) shared his vision on strategic changes in the food sector with members and guests. ‘The battle for the…

June 12, 2019 | Articles

Washed table potatoes share in Spanish supermarkets is growing

The Spanish coastal town of Valencia is home to the potato-packaging company Aquilar Patatas. This more than 50-year-old family business, where Vincente Aquilar is in charge and son Robert focuses on the future, is responding to the growing demand for washed table potatoes from the Spanish supermarkets. ‘Whereas 20 years ago only 20 percent of…

June 12, 2019 | Articles

Turkish crisps market is experiencing rapid growth and PepsiCo is benefiting

The Turkish market for potato crisps has grown by 10 to 15 percent a year in recent years. In order to meet the increasing demand for crisps in Turkey, market leader PepsiCo is investing heavily in potato processing and storage in the country. At the beginning of this year, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened…

June 05, 2018 | Articles

Albert Heijn wants to offer customers more inspiration with new potato display units

With the recent unveiling of a completely new display unit for table potatoes, the Albert Heijn supermarket chain, part of the Ahold group, is making a remarkably positive statement about his healthy fresh product. ‘Potatoes are healthy, we all know that. With the new shelves, we want to offer our customers even more daily inspiration.…

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