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In Europe, due to public health risks, it is no longer possible to use the old trusted sprout inhibitor chlorpropham.


Agrico aims to double the volume of seed potatoes by 2030

‘In the American licensing market, we’re expanding our yellow-fleshed table potatoes annually’,
says Jan van Hoogen showing a photo of a field of potatoes of the Agata variety in Idaho.

It is quiet in Agrico’s head office in Emmeloord. Despite the rush of the spring shipments,


He who pays the piper calls the tune!

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A week ago, I attended a webinar by an online retailer who presented their supply chain and the many challenges they were faced with.


Europatat announces virtual conference

akt Europatat
‘For the first time, we are organising our conference in a virtual format’ according to Europatat secretary Berta Redondo Benito.

The European potato trade organisation Europatat has announced


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