Gathering the right information

Voorwoord PW3 2021

We’re living in a time when a lot of data is being collected. This gives a feeling that we know everything, but having data available doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s always useful information.


Professor Richard Visser (WUR)


In a recently published manifesto, agricultural scientists in the European Union call for the admission of new breeding techniques such as gene editing in European organic farming.


Human labour is a key factor

visie pw3 2021

Agricultural mechanisation in the past hundred years has been largely focused on the reduction of human labour.


BP2021 gives rare opportunity to see developments at first hand

BP2021 organiser’s report strong demand to see industry developments at first hand.

European exhibitors and visitors are setting aside Covid-19 challenges to make the most of opportunities at this November’s British Potato trade show in Harrogate, UK.


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