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To ensure the continued survival of our cooperative, it’s important to have our own varieties’

September 2017

On 13 February, the members of the Royal-ZAP cooperative in Ewijcksluis adopted the takeover of seed potato merchant Semagri in Lelystad. Semagri’s director/owner Lammert Buwalda (67) is very happy that he can transfer the company, which he set up in 2002, to the cooperative with the full confidence of its members. ‘I’ve always had a very strong connection with ZAP, and that’s why they were the first party I wanted to talk to about a possible takeover.’ Royal-ZAP Managing Director Gerard de Geus is also very happy about his acquisition. ‘It’s not so long ago that we came to the conclusion that for the continued survival of our cooperative it’s important that we have our own varieties. So it seemed better that we take over a company that already has this expertise.’

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