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UK’s field-based Potatoes in Practice event returns for 2023

July 06, 2023

Potatoes in Practice 2023 will showcase the future of potato crop production, the organisers announce. The 2023 edition of the UK’s largest field-based potato event takes place on August 10 in Dundee, and is hosted by the James Hutton Institute, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and Agrii.

The annual event offers a comprehensive showcase of the latest developments in the potato industry, giving attendees the opportunity to witness first-hand the latest innovations and emerging trends. From commercial breeders introducing new varieties, to agronomists demonstrating advancements in crop protection and researchers on hand to discuss their most recent findings, visitors will have access to a wealth of scientific knowledge and expertise.

Facing challenges

With this year’s focus being ‘Using evidence to build resilience for potato crop production’, Potatoes in Practice 2023 highlights the importance of evidence-based practices in overcoming challenges faced by potato farmers. The event brings together a variety of demonstrations, cutting-edge research, trade exhibits, and a wealth of knowledge from experts in the field. Prominent speakers from across the sector sharing their expertise include Steven Thompson from SRUC, Patrick Hughes from the Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society (SAOS), Nick Windmill and Graham Tomlin from Agrii and Ian Toth, the newly appointed director of the National Potato Innovation Centre (NPIC).

Never a better time

The event organisation states that potatoes hold a significant place in the agricultural landscape of the United Kingdom. ‘Potato cultivation plays a vital role in the country’s economy and potatoes are one of the most nutritional crops as well as providing more food per unit of water than any other crop. As the leading potato research centre in the UK, the James Hutton Institute is currently creating a potato innovation centre in the heart of Scotland’s prime potato country, in Invergowrie, just west of Dundee. The aim of this NPIC is to engage the more than hundred scientists from the James Hutton Institute working on potato as well as stakeholders, to collaboratively develop solutions and make potato a sustainable and profitable crop, providing nutritious food for all, as well as benefitting the British economy’, the organisation elaborates. Guest speaker and NPIC director Toth is of the opinion there has never been a better time for industry and science to work together to improve potato production and ensure a long-term sustainable and resilient future industry. ‘With the new potato bodies GB Potatoes and the Seed Potato Organisation (SPO) now set up and underway, and the industry’s future strategies being developed, now is the time to come together and make these visions a reality, and I believe that NPIC will play a major part in making this happen’, he concludes. The event programme and map are now available to view on the Potatoes in Practice website.


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