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March 23, 2022 | Articles

Branston invests in own protein plant facility

At the headquarters of potato supplier Branston in Lincolnshire, England, construction works are currently in progress, aiming to complete a new facility before the end of this summer. The company has invested 7.2 million euros (6 million pounds) in this plant, which will be used for the extraction of food-grade functional protein from potatoes. The…

November 24, 2021 | Articles


Corona has demonstrated once again how quickly society can adapt and companies see opportunities to take advantage of the situation that has arisen. Being innovative is in our bones. And the legislator sees the importance of this and has structured the law in such a way that innovators get an extra boost in the form,…

November 24, 2021 | Articles

Micro tubers of E Green Global win PotatoEurope Golden Innovation Award

On Wednesday 1 September, during an awards ceremony at the location of Wageningen University & Research, Open Cultivation, in Lelystad, a professional jury in a small gathering awarded the PotatoEurope Gold Innovation Award to the Micro tubers of E Green Global (EEG).

October 01, 2021 | News

New potato based alternative for dairy based foods on the way

New player in the growing market for plant-based foods The Simple Root recently announced its UK-launch of potato based dairy alternative later this year.

September 01, 2021 | News

EGG Microtubers receive PotatoEurope’s Golden Innovation Award

During a special award ceremony on Wednesday September 1st, a professional jury awarded the PotatoEurope Gold Innovation Award to the Microtubers of E Green Global (EGG).

August 13, 2021 | News

PotatoEurope Innovation Awards 2021 to continue

Though PotatoEurope 2021 is cancelled, the event organisation together with media partner PotatoWorld magazine decided to still hand out the Innovation Awards.

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